Monday Madness

Every Monday I wake and wonder what the day will bring, often referring to them as, "Manic Mondays".

On a normal Monday I awake early, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and take Lexi for a morning walk, but lately that has been more difficult.   Monday's used to bring ample questioning calls and emails from buyers and sellers.   Monday's used to bring calls from the weekend and follow from inquires.  Now Monday's are strange, they are busy but not like they were, and some are not busy at all.  I responded to inquires today, but certainly didn't have the volume to attend to. 

I woke this morning, took Lexi for her walk, and enjoyed my coffee, but I took my time going to my office.   The main street was vacant, not a car to be seen. I followed up on emails and it took less time.  I called clients and lawyers and it took MORE TIME.  We conversed about their family and how they were feeling.  I enjoyed discussing the challenges that we are all facing at home and at work.   I helped a local business person set up auto-deposit for their business, and helped to organize an e-transfer to secure a reservation for an out of province client.  COVID-19 is encouraging us to build stronger relationships and to take more time to talk to one another and show that we care. 

The month of May can be very busy in real estate.   This May is likely to be a bit different.   I don't know how it will unfold, but I do know that I will stay positive and I will take more time to LISTEN to all of those that I am in contact with.  

COVID-19 has changed the world.  It will change the way we do things now and onward.  In the past month I have I helped a client view a home via facetime, did a final walk through on behalf of a client who could not attend their own, and responded to past client requests for advise about visiting or not visiting their cottage.  It is now standard to sign documents via electronic signature and we are wearing masks and completing entrance liability forms to do showings.   All good practices, but different nonetheless.   

Monday's might be different but they still feel a bit manic.