On That Harvest Moon

Did you know that there will be two full moons in the month of October 2020, and that the 1st will be tonight?  And, oddly enough the 2nd falls on Halloween, October 31st.

Tonight's full moon is called "The Harvest Moon".  According to the Farmer's Almanac the Harvest Moon provides light for the farmers to harvest their crops.  It is to rise at 5:06 pm EST. and will be visible after sunset. 

The Harvest Moon happens to be the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  
It tends to be large and more colourful than other moons of the year. 
Some consider the Harvest Moon to be the most powerful of the year.
Myth suggested that it is associated with the trickster God "Loki". 

Many people, a few friends included, say that a Full Moon brings them energy. They suggest that; 
1. Moving or dancing beneath a full moon and enjoying it's beauty can open you to change and new possibilities. 
2. Manifesting your dreams and goals under the light of the moon will help them come true. 
3. Cleansing or recharging your strength (and your crystals) will help give you strength. 
4. Focusing on letting go and freeing yourself of negativity, then releasing it under a full moon will help you to move forward, and allow yourself the ability to take note of what really matters. 
5. That a full moon can help harness creative energy, and is a great night to bring your talents forward.

Well I certainly can't deny that the personality of people I know, and their apparent increase in energy around the time of each full moon is predictable.  I haven't been in the habit of following the suggestions above, but maybe I should.  

The shortening of days is hard in my profession.  Showing property in the dark isn't fun or effective.   I will be showing a home tonight just while the sun is setting.  It might be pretty to watch, but is makes inspection the exterior condition difficult.  The Harvest Moon might actually help.

I challenge you to join me in trying to enjoy a little bit of it's power tonight!