Is My House Haunted?

Seeing as it is almost Hallowe'en, I thought I would write a blog about Haunted Houses. 

Can a house actually be haunted?  

I am not sure what I believe, but there are many people who believe that spirits roam the earth and can manifest in places or homes, creating strange paranormal activity. 

Have you ever stepped into a building and felt there was someone there, or just had an eerie feeling that something was odd about the place you were in?  I'm sure we all have.  

1. Strange sounds
2. Unusual scents
3. Slamming doors
4. Continual electrical problems
5. Strange animal behaviour
6. Sudden temperature changes 
7. Random stains
8. Apparitions or shadows
9. Missing Possessions
10. Feeling of being watched
11. Children's odd behaviour
12. Feeling of being touched

Whether your home is haunted might be difficult to prove, but full disclosure when listing it for sale is a good idea.  If a person has died in your home and you are aware of it, buyers have a right to know.  Be sure to tell your listing sales representative so that nothing is a secret.  Those who believe in the paranormal have a right to know.