Baby It's Cold Outside

Tips to Keep Your Home Warm During the Coldest of Winter

1. Add Insulation 
Adding insulation to the attic can help supercharge your walls.

2. Eliminate Drafts
Drafts can be found underneath doors and around windows.  A simple towel or rolled blanket at the foot of a door can prevent a draft from coming through.  You can also use tape along window panes to prevent the cold from coming in. 

3. Move your furniture away from radiators or heaters
Removing obstructions will help ensure that the heat distributes as much as possible. 

4. Close Doors to Rooms that you are Not Using.
This is something I remember my Great Aunt doing.  It helps to create a pocket of heat in one area and reduces the amount space that you are heating. 

5. Put Down a Rug
Tiled floors and uninsulated floors can make you feel cold when you walk on them.  Putting down a rug can act as a heat trap. 

6. Plant Trees 
This will help to prevent wind from directly hitting your home on the prevailing side.

7. Close the Curtains
Letting the sunlight in during they day is okay, but when the sun goes down at night doing this can reduce heat loss. 

8. Bake & Cook
Baking and cooking creates warmth that will help your home stay warmer longer. 


PS. Somedays I  wish my children were still this little. Weren't they adorable?