February 2021

Cheers To Agriculture

Posted on Feb 23, 2021

February 23rd is Agriculture Day in Canada. 
It is a day to celebrate and showcase the agricultural industry and the people who produce our food.

I am so proud to say that our daughter, Regan is a farmer. 
She can drive a tractor, deliver a calf or detect a sick animal. 
She gets up at 4 am to milk cows and she spends more of her day in a barn than in ou...

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YUCK!    Why You Should Consider Cleaning Your Ducts. 

Posted on Feb 20, 2021

This is a photo of the inside of a duct in our home. 

Yes believe it or not, the first picture was taken just hours before the second picture.  

Before we started renovating, I knew that there was a fair bit of dust floating about. We change our furnace filters regularly, but it never seemed to matter. I felt like I was forever wiping the dust off of su...

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Spring Colouring Contest

Posted on Feb 18, 2021 in Contests

Krista Gill Presents the.... 

"Love Where You Live Spring Colouring Contest!

If you are having trouble downloading the images contact Krista and she will email you a JPEG, or visit Krista's facebook page and CLICK on the image and RIGHT CLICK to SAVE, and PRINT. 

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Mortgage Approval Process

Posted on Feb 05, 2021 in Buying


1. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval
The first step is to have your financial situation to determine how much they are willing to lend you based on your situation. You may be required to provide your employment history, tax records and SSN, so that they can conduct a credit check. Once pre-approved you may be able to lock into a mortgag...

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What is a Bully Offer?

Posted on Feb 03, 2021 in Selling

What exactly is a Bully Offer?

When a Seller lists their home for sale on MLS and indicates that they are "holding offers" until a certain date and time, and they will not entertain an offer in advance, but an offer is submitted prior to this, it is called a "Bully Offer", or also known as a pre-emptive offer

In a hot Seller's market where there ar...

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January Market Update 2021

Posted on Feb 01, 2021 in Monthly Market Update

Well what a month it has been.  It seems that everything is selling and fast, for even more than it might have only a few months ago.  In one example, a home that was purchased for $500K in August 2020, was listed this January for $599K, and had multiple offers within 5 days for a sale price well above the asking. 

But has the average sale price of a h...

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